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LT – PANELS Low Tension Control Panel
• LT Panel is an electrical distribution board that receives power from an solar panels and distributes the same to various electronic devices and Distribution boards.

Used in:
• Medium to High Capacity Manufacturing Industry
• Hospitals
• Educational Institutions
• Commercial Complex
• Hotels

HT – PANELS High Tension Control Panel
• HT Panel is fitted with HT Circuit Breakers, Relays & Metering that is used to receive 11 kV/33 kV supply (from one or more sources) & distribute the power through its outgoing feeders. Outgoing feeder may be one or more it depends on the load of the building.
• Meters are installed to measure electrical Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power factor etc.,
Cable Laying

• Underground cables
• Cable Trenches in Outdoor Switchyards
• Fixed with clamps (at walls and Ceilings)
• Over head Power line is a structure used in electric Power transmission and distribution to transmit electrical energy across long distances.
• Consists of one or more insulated electrical cables.
• Used to transmit and distribute electrical power across long distances, forming a power or national grid.
• Steel Tower structures or Wooden poles suspend electricity – carrying conductors across a range of operating voltages

Cable Termination
It is the connection of the wire or fiber to a device, such as equipment, panels or a wall outlet, which allows for connecting the cable to other cables or devices.